Revolutionizing Senior Living:
The Lake George Story

In my decade-plus experience working at large senior living communities, I’ve noticed some concerning trends: overcrowded facilities with over 100 residents, long, unwelcoming hallways, and caregivers who barely know the residents. This environment hardly seemed conducive to a high quality of life. It pained me to see seniors, rich in wisdom and experience, having to leave their homes to live among strangers in these impersonal, ‘big box’ institutions.

During my career, the most rewarding aspect has always been interacting with seniors, absorbing their life stories and wisdom. A poignant comment from a wise gentleman stuck with me: he likened these large communities to ‘dormitories for the elderly.’ That moment sparked a realization – we needed a better approach. This is where the journey of Lake George begins.

Nestled in the tranquil town of Columbia, Lake George was initially a mystery to me, located via GPS. Upon arrival, I was greeted by breathtaking lakeside views, offering residents a serene wake-up scene every day. Conveniently positioned next to safe neighborhoods like The Brooks and Old Hawthorne, and just ten minutes from downtown Columbia and major hospitals, the location couldn’t be more ideal for senior living.

The previous owners, Ann and Alan, wished to pass on this gem to a family rather than a corporation as they entered retirement. Within a few months, I became the proud owner of Lake George, bringing with me a clear vision for a new kind of senior living.

Our philosophy at Lake George is centered around creating a ‘home’ setting, not just a home-like environment. With smaller residences, we provide comfort and familiarity, tailoring our care to each resident in our boutique 10-bed setting. Strong community and family bonds are a priority; our staff knows each resident and their loved ones by name, ensuring personalized attention and care.

Safety and quality care are paramount. With fewer residents, we offer better oversight and increased safety. Our caregivers genuinely care, keeping a vigilant eye on who visits our residents. In contrast to larger communities, our response times to residents’ needs are swift, ensuring they are attended to promptly.

We acknowledge that not everyone enjoys the same activities. Therefore, we offer a variety of activities, from nature walks to fishing, leveraging our picturesque surroundings. Our aim is to make senior living less overwhelming and more enjoyable, particularly for those who prefer smaller, quieter environments.

Our focus is on quality over quantity. At Lake George, residents are not just numbers; they are valued individuals whose care and well-being are our top priority.

Lake George is leading the transformation in senior living. We’re not just answering the age-old question of quality senior living; we’re redefining it. This is the Lake George difference, and it’s what we strive for every day.

    Roystan Pais, MBA, FACHE


    Keeping residents safe is not the same as keeping them happy and healthy.

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